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Tyler has found a home!


Tyler is a fabulous Snow Marbled Seal Sepia Point with a gorgeous AQUA ring around the blue of his eye.  He is a TICA Double Grand Champion already, born 5/30/07.  Tyler is the stud cat at Bearcreek Bengals with Donna Duby in Wolalla, Oregon, and he is producing beautiful kittens.  Tyler's son Harley, 11 months old, has just gone on to be a new stud cat in Texas!  Go Tyler!!



Meet our Queens

Our New Queen - BearcrkBengals Saphira of Catjam

Queen Saphira "Missy" was born 7/5/08, she is a silver spotted with gold eyes, absolutely beautiful.  She is an extremely good mother, and has had several litters of kittens already.  She is currently expecting a new litter about March 10, 2010 and the kittens will be ready to go around the first part of June, 2010.  Her past kittens have been nice and large, with really sweet dispositions.

Queen Saphira "Missy"

Queen Missy

Queen Missy with Steve

Our New Queen - Rhody Mufit of Claggetts

Queen Rhody was born 9/1/06, she is a gorgeous tabby, dark orange with black spots and black lines. She has a petite build and has had two beautiful litters already with a mixture of spotted sepia and mink snows, brown tabbys with nice spots and tri-colored marbles.  She is currently expecting a new litter about the first week in March that will be ready for their new homes the first part of June, 2010.  The father of this litter is our new King Mister Bo Jangles of Claggetts. Please click here for more details on the sire of this litter.

Queen Rhody (preg. here)

Queen Rhody

Queen Gold Pearl Button

Queen Bearcrkbengals Gold Pearl Button
TICA SBT 020705-019

Dam:  Vicotrysbengals Place Pearl
Sire:  Bearcrkbengals Powwatka Gold

In May 2005 we fell in love with our second queen Button and the mother of our queen Mischa.  She is a spotted tabby.  We met Donna Duby from Bearcreek Bengals at a  local cat show and we were most fortunate to adopt Button our second queen.  She fit in so well with our Star and she got along well with our dog and most of all my husband Steve.  He adored this cat.  He began training her to fetch, beg for treats, and sleep in his lap.  She has the most beautiful green eyes.  She delivered her first litter of six beautiful kittens that winter.  She is a very good mother and enjoys helping birth the other queen's kittens.

Queen Bearcrkbengals Buffie Gold Pearl
TICA SBT 02075-024

Buffy came to join our home in the fall of 2005.  She was a litter mate and sister to Queen Button.  She is a beautiful spotted tabby.  Donna had brought her and her brothers to the TICA show to sell and boy, did I latch on to her tightly!  Buffy would join our home and always be with her sister Button.  They do everything together, play, eat, sleep, and most of all...have beautiful kittens that they are wonderful mothers to.  My only problem is telling them apart.  I am lucky they do come to their names most of the time.

**A special thank you to Donna Duby of Bearcreek Bengals.  We have become the best of friends and enjoy doing the TICA cat shows together. **

Queen Cocoawildfire, we call her Star, is a brown spotted tabby and our original queen.  Her sire is DFRbengals Tyberial Wildson, a brown marbled tabby.  She carries for snow with both the lynx point and seal sepia gene, she also has ancestors that were marbled bengals.

Our beautiful Star has been retired to her forever home!  She is now doted on
and deeply loved by a wonderful family with children.

Queen Star - RETIRED

We specialize in the Snow Bengals, Seal, Mink, and Lynx point. We have been very fortunate as our litters are about 50% snow kittens.  Our litters remind me of a See's assortment of chocolates, six kittens with two of each color and markings.

Mishca, our sassy queen, her registered name is Claggetts Bo Bo  Buttons Mishca Mocha, Sbt 120605-007.  She is a beautiful tri-colored brown marbled Bengal with green haunting eyes.


Sire:  CH Bo Bo Baggins of Claggetts
Dam:  Beardrkbengals Gold Pearl Button

Mishca as we call her is an alpha female who runs the house.  She showed at the Bengal Congress On Safari in 11/2006 but she did not like the show ring.  She decided that she wanted to be a mother and she is our best mother, adopting any kitten that needs her help.  Her brother is Claggetts Amit Rajat Cha of Dreamcats/DFRBengals and he has won lots of titles at many cat shows in the Northwest and California.  He was nominated for STB BestvCats of the Year 2006.  He also placed #14 Best Cat for both long and short hair division in TICA for 2006!

Claggett's Bengals
Portland, Oregon
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