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Tyler has found a home!


Tyler is a fabulous Snow Marbled Seal Sepia Point with a gorgeous AQUA ring around the blue of his eye.  He is a TICA Double Grand Champion already, born 5/30/07.  Tyler is the stud cat at Bearcreek Bengals with Donna Duby in Wolalla, Oregon, and he is producing beautiful kittens.  Tyler's son Harley, 11 months old, has just gone on to be a new stud cat in Texas!  Go Tyler!!


Available Kittens

We had two litters in late May, one from Buffy, her last litter.  We are looking for a retirement home for this wonderful Queen, and one from Betty Boop.  We are expecting a litter in early Aug from Jenny, she is a new queen and this well be her first litter.  Our long time male Bo Bo has retired and all the work has fallen on BJ, but he doesn't mind.  I recently acquired three new kittens, two females and one male.  These are outstanding rosetted cats and I hope to have rosetted kittens next year.  Sir Fredrick, Tigger and Sweet Pea are adjusting to the household, making friends with the rest of the pride.

I currently have four kittens, all brown tabbies with very nice markings available.  Please e-mail for pic's and info.  Have a safe summer.

Steve & Heather


I have two May litter kittens available ready to go next week.

A Lynx Point Snow  male.  I've named him "ET" because he was so long and lanky
with short hair.  Of course he was pure white when born and looked albino. 
He has his marking well established, a very nice marble pattern.  Beautiful soft blue eyes,
long legs, long tail and large paws.  I think he well be a exceptionally large male. 
He is very attached to people and warms up to strangers quickly.

Next I have a very affectionate Tabby female.  She has become my lap kitty,
she loves being under my lap top when I'm in the recliner, reaching out to grap
a finger when I'm not expecting it.  One of the calmer Bengal kittens I have had, a real lover.


We have five kittens available as of today.

One Seal Sepia Snow marble. Male?

Seal Sepia Snow spotted. Male?

One Seal Lynx
Point Snow ?spotted?. Female?

One Brown Tabby.  Female?

The above four are one week old and doing very well.

One silver/Brown Tabby female
"Rosebud" is four weeks old and progress
very fast, eating dry kibble,
drinking water and using litter box.
Quit the little explorer and fearless.

Please Call or e-mail for up to date info on kittens or any Bengal info. 


Rose delivered one brown spotted tabby, very nice looking little girl.  Mom is
very protective.  Motherhood has made a major
improvement on Roses personality, she made
what I call 180* turn around.  From not
wanting to be touched to seeking contact.

Our New Queen Betty Boop well be breeding soon
with Bo Bo, I expect nice kittens from this
black marbled queen.

Rose, our new to us young queen is a kind of
a wild child, beautiful Rosetted girl, she well
be breeding in about 40 days for the first time.

A second new to us queen is Jenny, she is a
Rosetted Snow and should make stunning
kittens with Bo Bo.

We should have a outstanding choice of kittens
in late March.

New Kittens Born


one Marble Snow boy-show/breeding quality, extra nice--SOLD

one Spotted Snow boy-show/breeding quality, extra nice

two Brown Marble boys-very nice

Very advanced kids, eating, drinking and using the litter box at age four+ weeks.

At age five weeks these kids are exploring the house, interacting with adult cats, tracking a laser light and string toys.  Fat butter balls!

New Kittens born


All in loving homes.

Two Snow Marbles and One Spotted Tabby

Male and female spotted Snows 8 weeks

Tabby at 8 weeks

New Kittens Born 4-15-11

Two Snow spotted and One Snow Marble

5 days old, still blind and helpless

About 18 days and exploring their new world.


See the kitten pictures below.

Queen Rhody with her babies @ 3 weeks old!






Bengals do very well when adopted in pairs, we offer a significant discount on the second kitten when adopting a pair of Bengals!

Claggett's Bengals
Portland, Oregon
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